A Letter to My Husband to Save My Marriage

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Since the dawn of time, a letter has been a beautiful way to confess your love for someone. Today, a lot of women still use this method, hoping to bring out the feelings that have seemingly vanished from their husbands’ hearts. You may be wondering to yourself whether or not a letter will help to restore the relationship with your husband. There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on the reasons why you split up, as well as his attitude towards you and the situation in general.

If the two of you quarreled, lost your tempers and broke up for a foolish reason, then that is one kind of situation.In this case, both of you are still drawn to each other, but neither of you will take the first step. In this case, your letter will play the role of a springboard, providing a jump from which your relationship can start anew.

On the other hand, you may have a completely different situation on your hands when your man left, and he had a strong reason for it. First, you should figure out what his motive for parting with you was. Gaining an understanding of the reasons why he left may help you to write the ideal letter. In such a situation, of course, writing a letter will not be enough. It will only serve to sow the grain for further action on your part. After all, you can’t get rid of it with just a short letter. In any case, a letter should be meaningful, show your awareness of the reasons for your break-up, and touch upon them.

“Out of the frying pan and into the fire…”
You will get this effect if you start writing a letter immediately after a quarrel or separation. You are offended, angry, and your thoughts are quite scattered. When you’re in this state, you cannot expect to write a reasonable letter to help you restore the relationship with your husband; you will destroy it completely.

«Stop list»
In any case, there should not be reproaches and complaints in your letter, no matter how you structure it. Or do you hope that, by expressing everything that you think about your husband to him, you will draw him back to you? Quite the contrary—it won’t even dawn on him that he was wrong! It’s more likely that he would prefer not to communicate with you.
Do not write that you are offended because that won’t work either. Instead, state that you are ready to forgive him for everything. Justifying your mistakes or explaining the actions behind them are also not worth it; he is not interested in your excuses for why and how everything happened. Instead, it’s the result that is important to him, as well as to you. Leave your past in the past. If he feels flooded with depressing memories after reading your letter, this will not lead to anything good. In that situation, I acted that way because you forced me. Anyway, when are you going to change something about yourself? – this is a stream of phrases which are doomed to failure.

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Our stop list also includes threats and blackmail. You won’t see him again if you are going to write something along the lines of: if you don`t come back, I will do something to hurt myself; I will not let you go without making sure you regret it; or, maybe even worse, I am pregnant. Men hate such meaningless blackmail. Especially if you are caught in a lie, as could happen if you say you’re pregnant; do not expect mercy. In the other cases, you will cut a poor figure. Men do not give their respect to women who elicit nothing but pity, as you may have already guessed.
While we are on the subject of pity, it is worth mentioning the use of favors and entreaties. Writing I’m begging you to come back is a surefire way to never see the man again. Neither tears nor requests can help you to get him back. It’s only possible to win him back through action, and by showing respect for yourself and your own dignity.

“What should I write in my letter?”

Once again, I want to remind you that you should start writing a letter only after you calm down and understand the reasons why your husband left. The letter should highlight your unobtrusive desire and willingness to rebuild your relationship without stepping on the same rake. You must sincerely admit your mistakes and show that you understand their causes. Mention your mistakes only! You should not mention his screw-ups, as this would be unnecessary. As it is sometimes said, it’s neither the time nor the place.

Next, give a passing mention to the pleasant memories that bind you both. Those memories that make your relationship unique, and make you both feel joyful belong in this letter. Adding in these memories will help you segue into expressing your desire to get back together and remain that way in the future. Moreover, you may mention your wish to leave the parting in your memory as a closed chapter, which illuminated your mistakes, and afforded you both the opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

Lastly, you must clearly describe the changes you are going to make. In this way, your husband will feel that you are not just giving him a song and dance; you’re actually ready to change yourself and correct your previous mistakes.

Overall, a well-written letter will bring you closer to your partner, which will give you a chance to restore the relationship.


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