How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Fast

How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Fast

You have more chances to get your ex-boyfriend back if you are familiar with human psychology. We are going to talk about a method which is extremely effective and should be used with caution. It is based on the psychological mechanisms which we use since prehistoric times. Most people are guided by these mechanisms in their lives. Our method implies the next principle: people want to have things which they can’t have.

Certain factors can explain this phenomenon. After all, if ancient people were happy with hunting animals using sticks and sleeping in caves, we would have that way of living today. We have something, but we always want more – it makes our method even more efficient. How does it work?

If you think about the situation deeper, you will realize that one of the primary reasons why your boyfriend rejects you is that he knows that you want him more than he wants you. If it weren’t so, it would be a mutual decision to break up, and you would have no desire to get him back.

The main trick here is to make your boyfriend think that you don’t want him anymore. Pretend that you are happy that your relationship is over and move on.

It works on several levels:

  1. Your ex will be confused that you don’t want him anymore.
  2. He will be curious to know how you managed to cope with the consequences of the breakup so quickly, especially if he can’t do it himself.
  3. He wants to know whether you are dating someone, and whom exactly, and whether you are happy with him or not.
  4. He has an instinctive desire to pursue you because he doesn’t possess you anymore.
  5. He will be hurt by the fact that the situation has changed dramatically – you are happy, and he is not.

It is entirely possible that you will oppose this tactic because you want to get him back so much. You only want to prove to your boyfriend that you still love and want to take care of him. However, if you look at the situation from a strategic point of view, you will understand why you should act following the method mentioned above. Be patient, and after a while, the result will not disappoint you.

This method is simple, but sometimes simple things are not easy to do. Here is a step-by-step strategy:

Step 1: Write your ex-boyfriend a letter.

Step 2: In this letter, you tell him that you have finally accepted the situation and decided to move on, enjoy your life, and do new exciting things. Make it clear that you are happy. Your message must be very short (less than 100 words). You should finish it at the most exciting part.

If you watch any TV series, you already know that each series usually ends at the most interesting part. That’s why you look forward to watching it again. You have to apply the same principle here – you should cause a particular emotion when your loved one finishes reading your letter.

You can write, “I am so excited about the upcoming party with my new friends, but never mind that. Call me if you want.” It is not so exaggerated to look farfetched, but it creates a new emotion because you hint that you are going to meet somebody new and your ex will become curious about these people, “Maybe they are just friends, but what if she has a date with another guy?”

The phrase “Call me” at the end is critical because you have to say that you want your boyfriend to call you. Otherwise, he won’t do anything. At the same time, you shouldn’t look despaired or too weak, so don’t over do it.

That’s it. Send the letter and wait for an answer. After you do it, you have to avoid contacting your man. It will make him even more curious. This way, you completely change the situation and become the pursued, not pursuer. It’s only the beginning, so don’t stop there. Continue like this until he asks you to restore the relationship by himself.


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