How to Get a Libra Man Back After a Breakup

How to Get a Libra Man Back

Charming and charismatic a Libra man enchanted you and won your heart, but then disappeared? Unfortunately, this is a quite typical behavior of the representative if this sign – he conquers the girl, tells her about his feelings and then just leaves. It happens because he is not sure whether he has found a right girl. Libra knows a lot about the love affair. He captivates with his manners and behaves very courteously with women. However, at the same time he is very hesitant in making the decisions.

Libra is afraid to offend a girl by being rude, but sometimes his proper behavior gives a false hope for the better future. It is possible to get Libra back if you know certain traits of his character.

  • Libra man knows how to flirt. He can sweep every girl of her feet. When Libra takes care of a girl and tells her compliments, he is sure that he has met his ideal. He is very sincere, so it is impossible to be indifferent.

    However, the time passes, and he gets bored, or he decides that he needs another woman. As a result, he just disappears. Don’t be angry at your man, because you can’t do anything with his nature. You will never be sure that he will be with you forever.

  • Libra is a great connoisseur of the feminine beauty. He will notice a beautiful lady for sure. However, it doesn’t mean that Libra is a cheater. He is just a genuine estate and beauty attracts him. Thus he can just admire the girl without loving her. That’s why if you want to get Libra back, everything in you should be perfect: your body, clothes, hairstyle, and manners. You never know who will attract him tomorrow, so you should always look the best.
  • Libra is a gentleman; he knows how to forgive. You should never blame him. Just hint that you think that you are guilty and ready to change to get him back. This way you will ingratiate yourself to him. Think beforehand what are you going to say when you meet. No reproaches or negativity! Be affectionate and gentle, and you will do it.
  • Be closer to him physically. To get Libra back, you should meet him at work or when you meet with common friends. If he suggests being friends, you should agree, because it is better than nothing. You should make him love you again, so take actions!
  • Don’t push your boyfriend. Any attempt to limit his freedom may damage everything. Don’t call him or send messages in social networks very frequently. This way you will only alienate him.
  • Show that you are vulnerable and fragile. Libra doesn’t want to offend you. This quality of him gives you a good chance to restore your relationship. However, don’t overdo it, let him know that you can behave emotionally only with him.
  • Behave reasonably. During the conversation remember him about good moments you had together, tell him about the success which you can reach only together and let him know that you are ready to change for him. Say that you have realized your mistakes, and you won’t repeat doing them.
  • Prepare carefully for the meeting. Looking outstanding is necessary. However, don’t pretend to be a strong and independent woman, but rather demonstrate your fragility and vulnerability. A self-sufficient and arrogant woman will not awaken tender feelings in him.

In general, if you will consider personality traits mentioned above of Libra, you will get him back.

Who is the perfect woman for him?

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  1. She is cheerful. The representatives of this sign are optimists, and they want to date with a kind girl who can notice good things around her. Don’t complain and don’t grumble in front of him.
  2. She should look attractive. Think about your image in details to impress your man. Libra will surely notice your unfashionable sweater, and that’s why everything must be perfect: your appearance, dress, and even your bag.
  3. She is polite and delicate. You must be able to keep the conversation with such a man. Libra man won’t tolerate vulgar and rude woman.
  4. She is feminine. Become a tender and caring woman. Too confident and self-sufficient woman who can get horses out of mud will pull Libra away.
  5. She is an interesting person. Develop yourself, learn new things, be a personality, not just a cute girl. Surprise your man more often. Be always unpredictable and mysterious.
  6. She should know how to keep the house clean and create a cozy atmosphere. Besides, an ideal woman for Libra has perfect cooking skills. He doesn’t need a woman who is too much focused on her career.

What should you know about Libra and his character?

Libra is a handsome and friendly man. In general, he is satisfied with his life and himself. He is confident, calm and understanding. Libra knows how to take care of the woman. He is a very sensitive person and can perfectly feel the mood of other people.

Libra is characterized by impermanence in everything: the periods of productivity are replaced with apathy when he just lays on the couch and doesn’t want to see anybody. The same can happen in relationships – he just can leave you for another woman, forgetting about his promises to love you forever. It will last before he makes the final choice. As a husband, he is loyal, caring and sympathetic. He values his family, and he will never damage his long and happy marriage. He can flirt with other girls, smile and tell compliments, but more likely he won’t cheat.

Libra will never force his girl to do something. He is diplomatic and non-confrontational. It is very pleasant and comfortable to live with such a man. He savors each moment, never complains and grumbles. He accepts the reality calmly and can find a way out of a bad situation. You will never see him angry or cruel, but rather focused and prudent.

Get him back according to your sign of the zodiac:

If you are Aries

To get Libra back, An Aries woman should become more soft, delicate and calm. She tends to sort things out too loud, to express claims and wants to be the leader in the relationships. Libra needs a quiet and non-confrontational lady, who loves peace and comfort.

If you are Taurus

Taurus woman usually doesn’t understand spineless Taurus. She expects him to be decisive and confident. Taurus should stop blaming her man. She should understand his subtle and creative nature if she wants to get him back.

If you are Gemini

Libra is annoyed with the habit of Gemini to spend a lot of time outside the home. So if you want to get your man back, you should get rid of this habit. Besides, you should stop bother Libra when he is melancholic. It will take some time, and your man will become full of energy again, you just should wait.

If you are Cancer

You can get Libra back if you become less emotional and vulnerable. You should learn to discuss your problems with your man. Always tell him what bothers you, because otherwise optimistic and reasonable Libra will never understand you. You should start enjoying your life.

If you are Leo

Leo woman should stop pushing her man to get him back. Sometimes she requires too much from Libra: rapid career growth or a lot of attention to her. Leo should learn to consider interests of her partner.

If you are Virgo

Virgo will get Libra back if she will stop grumbling and reproach him because of every fault. Besides, Virgo is too closed and reserved. Therefore, Libra usually feels the lack of passion and romance in the relationship with her.

If you are Libra

Two Libras feel comfortable together, and they rarely break up. Nevertheless, if it has happened, you should remember following things: try to make concessions, take more care about your loved and be the perfect housewife. As a result, things will get better.

If you are Scorpio

Scorpio wants Libra to be more resolute and ambitious; usually, she expresses her dissatisfaction regarding it. To gain the trust of your man you should stop criticizing him.

If you are Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a perfect partner for Libra. Conflicts occur very seldom. In the case of argument, you can easily get Libra back if you will not be afraid to be a weak woman with your partner.

If you are Capricorn

To restore relationships with Libra, Capricorn girl should demonstrate her discretion and common sense. Also, she should get rid of her straightforwardness which sometimes is damaging for the relationships.

If you are Aquarius

You can get Libra back only if you will be more tactful and stop looking for the meaning of life. Concentrate on your daily routine, become a better housewife, learn to create a cozy atmosphere in the house and cook delicious dinner.

If you are Pisces

Dreamy Pisces will get Libra back if she thinks more about reality. Get your head out of the clouds! It is better to do the massage for him or cook something delicious.

How to get him back if you don’t even see each other?

If you don’t see each other and don’t work together, it becomes harder to get him back. However, there is a way even out of this situation. Ask your man for help, pretending that you are a weak and helpless girl. You should be sincere, emotional and tender during your meeting. Choose your clothes carefully – you should look romantic and elegant. Good-hearted Libra won’t refuse you.

How to get Libra back after the argument?

If you had a conflict, you should take the initiative towards reconciliation. Libra is too lazy and indecisive to do it first. Besides, he is afraid that you will refuse him – he prefers to wait.

Admit your guilt and be polite and gentle. During the conversation, give him logical arguments of why you must be together. The good-natured Libra is likely to agree to forget about your conflict.

Psychologist’s recommendations

Such a man as Libra needs a girl with whom he will feel harmony and understanding. If he feels that there is a lack of something in the relationship, he will think about the breakup. Usually Libra leaves quietly without any scandals. He can always explain to you what is going wrong and why you should break up.

You have to start your attempts to get him back almost immediately after the conflict by taking the initiative. You have fewer chances to get him back if he has another woman. However, it doesn’t mean that you must give up. Try to remain a close friend for him.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How to behave with the Libra man?
  2. Keep in mind that Libra is usually popular among the girls. That’s why you need to impress him a lot to make him notice you. Be mysterious and inaccessible for him, so he will want to conquer you. Don’t reproach him for indecisiveness and procrastination.

  3. How to make a Libra man love me?
  4. Be the best: look beautiful, be an interesting person and demonstrate your intellect. Libra needs a truly ideal girl. Show your positive attitude to the life and be cheerful. Don’t argue with Libra and always consider his opinion.

  5. How to understand Libra?
  6. To understand this man, you should be observant. Usually, you can easily guess what Libra feels. You just should make a little effort to recognize what he wants. Be admired by your man! Libra adores attention, so give it to him.


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