How to Get Your Husband to Leave the Other Woman: Confessions of the “Other Woman”

How to Get Your Husband to Leave the Other Woman: Confessions of the

How do you get rid of a rival? If you suddenly find out that your husband has a mistress, then you face a critical question of how to react and what to do next: should you banish your husband from the house, demand that the mistress leaves you two alone, while threatening her with all earthly and heavenly punishments? Before you do anything rash, you must read the confession of a mistress below because it is worth your consideration:

I always find it funny when women call me making petty threats and shouting, “Leave my husband alone!” Soon after, their husbands call or text me to apologize for their wives’ behavior and ask when we can meet again. I don’t know what these women are thinking about, but it seems that they don’t even try to understand the man they married. He is an adult and must make his own decision.

First of all, if you really want to expel another woman from your relationship, then your husband should tell her about it. It was he who invited me to enter his life, so only he can send me on my way. If he doesn’t tell me to leave, but continues to behave in the same way, then this should give you a hint as to how serious he is about breaking up. If your husband’s desire to leave me is not very strong, then there is absolutely no way for you to get rid of me.

If your husband is ready to leave me, then it’s up to you to decide how to live on. That being said, I knew a lot of men who came back to me, as their wives continued to fight with them because they were unable to get what had happened out of their heads. I think that most women cling to the betrayal and the pain because they are not sure if they can prevail over them. At the same time, they probably think that this situation can be used as their weapon for any argument in the future. I always thought it is so unfair to tell a person that you want to work on your relationship, but keep throwing reproaches in his face every day. You’re barely doing anything to restore your broken relationships!

There is no easy way to forgive what your husband did, but if you agree to reconcile with him, then you should work on re-building your trust. If, instead, you pursue your husband day after day, constantly checking the places where he is supposed to be, searching through his phone obsessively, openly showing anxiety when he says he is going on a business trip, etc., this is not real trust. You have to slowly rebuild the foundation, and work on strengthening your relationship.

Chasing your husband around, while claiming false trust—is this the best way to restore your relationship? Alternatively, you may start with using the “trust, but verify” principle, keeping the lines for contact open. However, you ultimately face the need to trust your husband when he makes a phone call or comes home late. You must understand that even though he has done wrong in the past, he is no longer doing you wrong (if you doubt this, why are you still with him?).

As “another woman,” women often ask me how I would feel if my husband betrayed me? There is no simple answer to this question; I think this depends largely on the reasons why he did it. Unlike most women, treason does NOT create a relationship breakdown for me I say this all the time, but I think that further clarification is required. It is easy for me to accept a betrayal if it was a one-night stand, or if, at the heart of our relationship problems, there is something that we can work out and correct (we should both be ready to work on it).

However, in some cases, a lie can destroy (a marriage—if) my husband did not care about my feelings, he (blatantly) lied to (me, not only in hiding) the truth, but (also lying when confronted.) To tell the truth, I don’t think that I could (forgive) such (behavior,) (mainly,) because it shows such a marked indifference towards (a woman’s feelings,) (as well as a lack of respect.) (In this case, there’s) no point in continuing to deal with someone like (that.) Most likely (he) is the type of (man) that will continue to cheat anyway.

I think many people probably forget that we enter into a relationship to open up to each other; moreover, there are both good and bad times in a relationship. You open up to another person when you feel you can trust him. Of course, knowing that your husband spends time with a woman like me can cause a lot of pain. However, if your husband is trying to correct his mistakes and expel me out of your relationship, perhaps you should try to as well.

We are all human; we all make mistakes—unfortunately, the consequences are worse for some people than for others. But I dare to ask if the fate of your entire relationship should be dependent upon one mistake? If you give up so quickly that the relationship ends whenever you face difficulties, then the question arises: how real was your relationship from the very beginning?


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