How to Get My Ex-Husband Back When He Has a Girlfriend

How to Get My Ex-Husband Back When He Has a Girlfriend

Your husband left you for another woman. This situation is difficult to predict, especially if everything seemed to be perfect and your relationship was sincere and lovely. Of course, if you used to argue a lot, there is no surprise that one of the spouses decided to look for happiness in another place. Don’t despair! Restoring the family idyll is possible, but what exactly should you do?

How To Behave To Get Your Husband Back?

Whatever the circumstances of your breakup, always remember that you can get your spouse back if you choose the right tactics. If you use one of the methods described below, you will be able to not only to get your husband back, but also build the relationship which should be based on trust, care, love, and support.

What Is Important To Know For Every Woman?

Men are polygamous, and it’s especially true when they reach their middle age crisis. It is believed that this age varies between 30 and 50 years old. However, psychologists suppose that this crisis can hit men of all ages at the most unexpected moment. It can be caused by various reasons, such as reconsideration of values, health problems, lack of money, loss of wife’s support, misunderstanding, and many others.

The Truth About Male Psychology

With men, their psychology is quite simple: sex is critical for them. Sex is not the same for men as it is for the ladies. For males, it also means having a physiological act, which improves self-esteem and releases tension. Amazingly, they perceive ladies from two fundamental perspectives:

  • The first option – a woman for sex;
  • The second option – a woman for a relationship and sex.

You should understand that cheating is not a complete disaster. Your husband probably still loves you, but he is having problems which he is not able to solve. Here are ways which will help you to get your husband back:

    1. Act Wisely

      Don’t push your man to come back! It’s the first and the most important rule. Don’t try to force him because this approach will make the situation worse.


      Show your spouse how much he loses without you. Don’t attempt to cause pity. Draw his attention to the advantages of your relationship which he will lose if you are not together. What you shouldn’t do:

      • Reproach him
      • Beg him to come back
      • Demean yourself


    2. Don’t Let Him Run After Two Hares

      What to do if your husband cheats, but doesn’t leave you? He has a very advantageous position – sex with his lover on the one hand, and family comfort on the other. Show your husband that you are not satisfied with this situation. Let him choose between you and the other woman. Don’t be afraid of such bold proposals. If your man truly loves you, he will stay with you.

      What to say to him?

      Remember that claims and scandals won’t help. Tell your husband about your feelings. Don’t try to hide them. Show your man that you value him a lot, but his behavior hurts you and causes pain. Tell him honestly that if he continues to cheat, you will break up forever. You will meet only in special cases such as filing for a divorce, division of property, and meeting with children. What to do if he has already moved away to live separately? Call him and offer to meet. If he avoids answering, warn him that you won’t ask twice.

      If you do nothing, your husband will think that everything is alright and that he can cheat as much as he wishes and come back whenever he wants.

Please watch this video, before you continue reading:

  1. Self-analysis

    It is believed that the primary cause of a man’s cheating is the behavior of his wife. It is not surprising if the husband leaves when his spouse is doing everything wrong, makes mistakes, doesn’t listen to him, and unable to reach compromise. Of course, it rarely happens that the wife is the only one to blame for the breakup. In most cases, both are guilty. Both spouses were unwilling to concede. Thus, the result is predictable – argument and breakup.

    What should you do?

    Try to analyze your attitude to your husband. Look at the situation from the different angle and examine the reasons for your breakup. You can also ask a psychologist for help. Together, you will figure out the mistakes that you made, as well as find ways to solve the problem.

  2. Life Goes On!

    If he finally left you and refuses to come back, just accept the situation. Try to derive benefits from your breakup. Now you have the opportunity to meet a man who will value and love you, but before you look for him, let your husband go and forgive him.

    How to forgive him?

    The best way to forgive your husband is spiritual practices. With the help of meditations, you can release pain and negative emotions, overcome resentment, and frustration. Even scientists confirm its effectiveness. During 1-2 months of daily meditation practices, the chemical composition of the cerebral cortex changes. As a result, you will become happier, and your attention, memory, and intelligence will be improved. You should forgive your husband for the sake of you, not him.

  3. Improve Yourself

    If your husband left you for another woman, it is not a reason to despond, cry, and complain. It is time to pay more attention to yourself. Visit a beauty salon, go to the gym, buy new beautiful clothes, and get a new hairstyle. If your man wants to come back, he will be surprised by these changes. It is known that men love with their eyes.

    When he begins to have problems with his mistress, he will try to come back to you. What kind of person will he meet? A beautiful wife whom he will never leave again!


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