How to Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend After He Dumps You

How to Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend After He Dumps You

Most girls intend to get their boyfriends back after the breakup. How do they do it? Usually, they keep on calling him and asking, “Why don’t you call me?”, even though the boyfriend clearly told her before, “I am leaving.” Some send messages with the question, “How are you?” and when the answer is, “I am fine,” they are getting angry because they see no interest in the dialogue. These things are very common, so almost everybody makes the same mistakes. However, it never works!

How To Get Your Boyfriend Back?

Before giving you any recommendations, you should understand how you made all this happen. Why has your man dumped you, not vice versa? It can’t be that everything went well and everyone was happy and suddenly he left you.

You definitely ignored some signals, which showed that something was wrong, and you probably even thought about breaking up, but then you just dismissed these thoughts and continued the relationship.

The way to the breakup starts with the dissatisfaction: you are not satisfied with his behavior or the way he talks to you. You think that it is normal because the relationship can’t be perfect. However, the breakup comes unexpectedly, totally out of the blue.

The Reason You Can’t Leave Your Boyfriend, Even If You Are Dissatisfied With Your Relationship

Some people don’t like change and they become too attached to people, preferring stability. Some are afraid to be alone because it will mean that nobody needs them, while others perceive every boyfriend as a potential husband. Overall, every girl has her reasons to keep the relationship that he wants to end.

Sometimes, it can happen that woman doesn’t notice these signals. Why? Because she prefers to close her eyes to the obvious things. For example, she can love him so much, that she doesn’t notice what is going on around her or she tries to please him by all means. Some ladies even tolerate with rudeness and disrespect. Each of them will say, “I didn’t think about the separation because I love him!”

Don’t you think that it is wrong to put his interests above yours? If you don’t love and respect yourself, your man will leave you for a woman who values and loves herself.

Think About Whether You Need To Get Him Back Or Not

After all, if you were thinking about the breakup, why should you get him back? Your wishes just came true. Now it is time to think about yourself and remember that everything that is done is for the better.

Let’s assume that you still want to get him back. Think carefully for what purpose you should do it? Do you want to soothe your ego, or because you can’t imagine your life without him? Just answer honestly. If the reason lies in your pride, egoism, or addiction to him, but not love, there is no sense in the relationship restoration. However, if you are 100% sure that you love him, here is the plan which will help you to get him back.

Action Plan To Get Your Boyfriend Back

  1. Take care of yourself and enjoy your life.
  2. Change your scenery, have fun with friends, and relax. This way, you stop concentrating on getting him back and make your goal less important. You rather focus on enjoying your life. You will be happy with what you have, and your problem will solve itself: your boyfriend will call you and appoint a meeting, or you will realize that you are happy without him, or you might even meet another person.

  3. Learn to be happy without your boyfriend
  4. If your happiness is dependent on other people, you will fall into the same trap with your next relationship. Everything will go in agreement with the same scenario – you meet him, fall in love, and he leaves you. Even though your ex-boyfriend will come back, he will not stay with you for long because nothing has changed.

  5. Value and love yourself
  6. If you don’t value yourself, your boyfriend won’t value you either. It will be impossible to force him to respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Only you know the reason for your breakup and you will never get your boyfriend back unless you learn to love yourself.

  7. Analyze why this has happened
  8. Nothing happens by accident. You create every situation in your life by yourself. Try to figure out which thoughts and actions caused this problem. You should do it to avoid wrong behavior in the future.

  9. Forgive your ex-boyfriend
  10. Yes, your boyfriend hurt you, however, if you continue to be angry at him, you will hurt yourself even more. That’s why it is necessary to forgive him.

What Not To Do If Your Boyfriend Left You

  1. You shouldn’t call him, write messages, and go crazy. If he has gone, then your obsessive calls will only irritate him.
  2. You shouldn’t threaten that you will commit suicide. This blackmail will not lead to anything good – he will be indifferent, or he will come back because you forced him to do so.
  3. You shouldn’t play on his sympathy. This way, you only soothe his ego, and that’s it.
  4. You shouldn’t go on a bender. Alcohol, drugs, and casual sex will cause even more problems
  5. You shouldn’t take revenge. What is revenge? It is a desire to hurt another person because they hurt you. Let’s assume that you find a way to hurt him. What’s next? Will it help to get him back? It won’t. He will suffer and curse you. It will only make you feel worse. What if he also decides to take revenge? Just think how much energy you will waste!
  6. You shouldn’t do spells. Sometimes, the desire to get a boyfriend back is so strong, that women decide to do a spell. You shouldn’t do it in any case because spells will force your man to do things which he doesn’t want to. As a result, he will become a different person because of the split personality. He will come back under the influence of unknown forces. Most men get sick after these actions or start to drink alcohol.


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