How To Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back When He Has Moved On

How to Get my Ex-Boyfriend Back When He Has Moved On

Just yesterday, you were together and it seemed to you that it would always be like that. You didn’t pay too much attention to insulting conflicts, scandals, and the changed behavior of your boyfriend. However, when you think about it now, you realize that your relationship was bound to end inevitably. Finally, your loved one has gone. You feel so lonely and call to memory all the negative moments of your relationship to ensure yourself that your boyfriend was a scoundrel who treated you wrong. Nevertheless, in spite of it, you still dream about only one thing – to get him back.

To get your boyfriend back, you should make an effort and avoid making the following mistakes:

Mistake 1: You suffer and complain to your friends how pathetic and lonely you are.

Don’t try to meet with your boyfriend. Also, you shouldn’t call him begging to come back or expressing your negative attitude to him.


Any contact with your boyfriend at this moment will only make the situation worse. You are full of resentment and that’s why you are not able to think objectively. Your meeting will result in a conflict which will only make your man more certain that he had made the right decision when he left you. So first, you should get rid of negative emotions toward your boyfriend.

What to do?

Experts recommend trying to break the obsession with your boyfriend. That is why you should exclude any contact with him. Try to control your emotions and think about him as rarely as possible.

Mistake 2: You stopped looking after yourself.

Most women stop caring about themselves because they can’t answer the question: “Who should I do it for?” And even though they make an attempt to dress up, it usually looks is not that attractive. The fashionable dress doesn’t fit at all, and men don’t pay any attention to such women in spite of the most beautiful hairstyle.


What’s happened to your attractiveness? The attractiveness disappeared because you are not confident anymore and your self-esteem became very low. If you want to get your happiness back, you need to get your confidence back first.

What to do?

First of all, you should build your self-esteem, but it will take some time. For some women, three days is enough, while others need more than one month. Experts recommend using one exercise – a meditation on an imaginary partner.

How to do it?

The logic is simple; to forget about your ex-boyfriend, you should think about somebody else. Choose one man whom you like and start to fantasize about your relationship with him. If you know this person, you can support your fantasies with actions. Of course, you shouldn’t be too persistent and decisive. A friendly smile and a little flirtation will be enough. In short, behave with him as if you know that he likes you. Besides, you are allowed to be interested in other men, but don’t try to search for a potential partner because it will scare all people away from you.

Experts recommend doing this exercise for at least one week, sometimes longer. Very soon, you will feel that your self-perception is beginning to change and other men will immediately react.

Mistake 3: You dwell on the fact that you will never fall in love with someone else, and therefore you avoid taking any action to change your life.

If you feel this way, it means that you remain faithful to your loved one, hoping that he will appreciate it and come back. However, experts believe that this is the biggest mistake. The man will never come back to a woman who hasn’t changed.


He simply doesn’t need the old version of you, because otherwise, he would have never left you. Therefore, you should perceive the situation as a valuable experience to analyze your mistake to avoid doing it again. To do that, you have to change your attitude to many things.

What to do?

To change yourself in the right way, you must prepare yourself by thinking that he will never come back. It will help you to get rid of the addiction to him. The best way to do that is to be optimistic. Try to savor each moment, even small things in your life, such as food, clothes, or entertainment. Go to restaurants, buy beautiful dresses, and have fun with friends. However, don’t confuse having a good time with getting drunk. Overall, live in your pleasure without waiting for his comeback all the time. Enjoy your life!

Mistake 4: You make attempts to restore your previous relationship.

Don’t meet with him in the places where you used to spend time together. You should forget everything you had in common.


Throughout your past relationship, even the most pleasant moments of it, are linked with negative emotions toward your boyfriend. You have to make him forget these feelings. Therefore, you shouldn’t remind him of moments from the past. It will only irritate him!

If you try to convince your boyfriend that you have changed, he will not even listen to you because words mean nothing to him.

What to do?

You must forget everything you had in the past. And what is more important, you should change yourself. You should make sure that your boyfriend barely recognizes you.

If during the first meeting you can establish a new way of communication with him, you will have a chance to get him back. Your relationship should become different than how it went the first time around. In fact, for your boyfriend, it should almost be like a new relationship with a different woman.

Nevertheless, it is also possible that when you finally get him back, you will realize that you don’t love him anymore. In any case, this experience with your ex-boyfriend will be useful for your future relationships.


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