How to Get Your Husband Back After Separation Steps

How to Get Your Husband Back After Separation Steps photo
How to Get Your Husband Back After Separation Steps

The men don’t understand the desire of a woman to get her husband back, especially if she expelled him by herself. However, at that moment the woman was influenced by her emotions, not logic. She dismisses her man not because she wants to get rid of him, but because she wants him to stay. Nevertheless, the man finally goes and the woman feels loneliness, resentment, jealousy, fear, uncertainty and desire to get him back.

In fact, the desire to get husband back is quite normal. The woman doesn’t think that her husband made a conscious choice when he left because she believes that he only can choose her and children. However, men don’t understand the ladies’ logic. Males and females are different. Thus they often don’t understand each other in the ordinary situations.

Get your husband back with the help of estrangement method

The effectiveness of this approach lays in the desire of man to come back to you. He will make this decision by himself because he will realize the value of family and marriage.

The essence of this method is reflected in its name – your husband should be estranged from you if you want to get him back. The method can be only effective in the case when a spouse loves you or, at least, feels indifference, even though he left you for another woman. Otherwise, it is impossible to get your husband back with the help of this particular technique. It also won’t work if your husband loves only your children, not you. The method is not intended for using children as bait.

How does this approach work? If you want to get him back, you should pull away from him. What does it mean?

  1. Don’t call your husband. Don’t send him SMS, messages in social media, letters or postcards. Needless to say that you shouldn’t try to meet him by accident after his work. Besides, don’t attempt to influence him or his lover.
  2. If your husband comes to meet children, do not communicate with him. It is better to go somewhere when he is in your house, at least to the neighbor or to another room, but you shouldn’t forbid him to come.
  3. Explain to your children that if their father asks about you, they shouldn’t answer.
  4. Tell your husband that he can only call or write you when the matter concerns children. Don’t discuss any other topics with him.
  5. If he calls you, always be the first one who ends the conversation. You are always busy and don’t have time for him.
  6. Even though you want to get some information about your husband, don’t let anybody tell something about him to you, especially if they are your common friends or his relatives, because they will tell your man about your reaction. This way he will be sure that you pulled away from him. What is more important is that such behavior will help you to estrange from him emotionally. This is an essential condition of the successful method using.
  7. Avoid thinking about your man. Distract from these thoughts by any means. If it is absolutely unbearable, you can have 15 minutes per day when you can think about him, but don’t spend this time crying. You can use a simple love magic, such as prayer, to get him back to your family. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in magic or not, but this ritual will distract you from suffering, and you will spend 15 minutes doing useful activity. However, if you can forbid yourself to avoid thinking about your husband at all, it would be even better.
  8. If you meet your husband by accident, just tell him “hello” and go away. You are always in a hurry and don’t have time for him.
  9. . The first signal of the successful use of the method will be the attempts of your husband to talk to you. You should refuse him. If it leads to his dissatisfaction and scandals which are initiated by him, it is even better!
  10. Continue using the strategy of estrangement, be active, go to the cinema and parties with your friends, do sports, have fun and relax. To avoid thinking about your husband, spend more time with your children. Make your life full of different events so you will not have a minute to think about him.

What is the result?

If you act in accordance to the tactics mentioned above, your husband would finally find a way to talk to you. He will feel alone and miss you and that’s why he will want to come back. It also may happen that his lover will be annoyed with the indecision of her new man. She will expel him asking to choose between her and you. Usually, it this case the final decision is not made in favor of another woman.

In contrast to the previous attempts of your man to talk to you, you shouldn’t avoid the last serious conversation with him. It will be a very difficult conversation, probably with scandals and cry. Your husband will ask your permission to come back. You will allow him, but only on your own terms. This conversation is the final and the most crucial step in getting him back. Therefore, you should behave correctly.

What happens with your husband when he moved to another woman? The situation through husband’s eyes

So, your husband finally made the decision to stay with another woman. In the process of adjusting to the life with a new lady, he will go through the standard stages:

  1. The stage of euphoria

  2. Everything seems to be perfect for your husband. He has made a final decision and moved towards the new, happy and the full of enjoyment life. At least, he believes so. His lover is also happy because she has won her prize. Therefore, she demonstrates that the man hadn’t made a mistake when he had chosen her instead of his wife. She prepares for him breakfast to the bed and the most delicious dinner. However, she can’t behave like this forever. On this stage, you shouldn’t even try to split her and your man.

    The only disappointing thing which every husband who moved to another woman expects is persistent attempts of his wife to get him back. She begs him to come back for the sake of the children and tells that she will forgive everything. Moreover, she even can try to attack the lover.

    However, you follow the method of estrangement. Therefore, nothing can darken the stage of euphoria for them, but it will not last for a long time. Usually, the stage of euphoria lasts from a few days to few months. So, be patient.

  3. The stage of anxiety

  4. Your husband felt anxiety from the very beginning when he left you, but he didn’t pay any attention to it because of euphoria. Nevertheless, sooner or later the problems appear in the relationship. Besides, the new couple is going through the process of adaptation to each other. Usually, they are not ready for it, because they thought that they know each other very well, but in fact dating and living together are completely different things!

    The man comes to meet his children whose eyes are sad. Also, he is unpleasantly impressed by the reaction of his wife. She lets kids go with him for a walk but goes to the other place herself. Paradoxically, when the husband leaves his wife, he doesn’t think that he breaks up with her forever. He thinks that he can come back any time he wants. That’s why the behavior of his wife is an unpleasant surprise for him. He begins to realize that he has no chance to come back. He understands that this opportunity depends on the desire of his wife, not his own desires.

  5. The stage of action

  6. Unlike the women, men usually don’t doubt; they start to act. This way, your husband starts his attempts to discuss with you the possibility of his comeback. Initially, these conversations are not specific. He intends to find out whether there is any chance for him to come back in the future when he is bored with his lover. In other words, the man wants to restore his confidence that no matter what is going on, he is in control of the situation. Most women make the biggest mistake on this stage. They start to cry and beg the man to come back. As a result, the husband, who is very satisfied with such behavior and reaction, quietly continues to live with his lover.

    However, you follow the tactics of estrangement. Therefore, you deny any discussions, answering that “his actions speak louder than words.” The man starts to understand irreversibility of his action slowly. As it was mentioned above, when the man decides to leave his family and to live all his life with another woman, he still thinks that he can come back in any minute.

  7. The stage of despair

  8. When the husband realizes that his attempts to talk to his wife are unsuccessful, he despairs. He tries to meet her “by accident,” sends messages, asks for some information about her from her friends and relatives, but in vain. He sees his wife from the different perspective. She became so calm, independent and confident woman who can live without him very well. The husband starts to feel unreasonable jealousy. He continues to have sex with another woman, but it doesn’t seem to be so good anymore.

    At this stage, the man even starts to imagine his wife during the sex with the lover, because apart from the spiritual alienation, he feels physical and sexual connection. He even may try to persuade you to have sex with him using traditional methods as well as new ones. For example, he will try to convince you to have sex with him because you need it and because of health benefits. However, you should refuse all these proposals.

    At the peak of despair, the husband dreams only about one thing – to get you back. Therefore, he arranges a meeting, which you can’t refuse, because he thought of everything and there is no way to escape. Now it is time to have a final conversation.

  9. The final conversation

  10. It seems to be weird, but the man who wants to come back and who begs to forgive his cheating, at the same time has his own terms based on which he can come back. It is the nature of the men. Most women accept these conditions and even admit that they blame themselves for his cheating. What a terrible mistake they are doing!

    According to the estrangement method, you demonstrate the firmness of your character even in this stressful moment. You don’t accept his conditions. On the contrary, you have your own, clear and precise terms. It’s a surprising reaction for him! He expected you to cry, reproach him and explain everything. It’s the most critical moment in getting your husband back with our method. If your husband really wants to come back to you, your children and family life, he will accept all your conditions. Of course, he will try to bargain before, because he is a man and he can’t react to the ultimatum of his wife quietly, but if he won’t accept your terms at the end, don’t give him chances anymore and file for the divorce!

    When your husband passes through all stages mentioned above, he will completely change his attitude to you. He will understand that he can’t cheat because he will lose your forever. The more efforts he applied to come back to you, the better he will know that he doesn’t want to leave you again.

What happens with his lover? The situation through lover’s eyes

So the husband finally left his wife and moved to the lover and as she thinks, he moved to her forever. From this moment, the stage of euphoria begins.

  1. The stage of euphoria

  2. At this phase, the lover is very happy because she has won her lovely man. She enjoys the time they have together and applies maximum efforts to keep him. The mistress tries to be the best in everything – in sex, in cooking, in entertainment, in creating an atmosphere of warmth and love. She adores her man and surrounds him with love. At the stage of euphoria, she forgives him everything – inattention, rudeness, and negativity, because she understands that he is suffering because he misses his children and family atmosphere, not his wife. This way, the stage of understanding begins.

  3. The stage of understanding

  4. The mistress wasn’t prepared for this phase. After a while, she notices that relationships are not so passionate anymore. The problems start to appear. Her man mentions his ex-wife and children during the conversation more and more often.
    Some men share their feelings with lovers, telling that the reaction of the wife hurts them. While others hide their feelings, and the mistress can only guess that the man is suffering. Anyway, the lover realizes that the fight with the wife is not finished. At this moment most women make a mistake. They think that if the wife doesn’t take any actions, it means that she doesn’t need him or she accepted the fact that she has lost her husband forever. The last version is the most common because it explains her indifferent behavior.

  5. The stage of fight

  6. When the mistress sees that her loved one is still thinking and caring about his wife, she decides to fight against her. The most foolish women call to the wife trying to meet with her to discuss the topic “Leave him alone, he’s mine!”. Besides, they tell negative things to the man about his wife. Moreover, the most courageous lovers even try to destroy the wife’s car. The forums for women are full of these stories. The wife can only wonder: “What else the lover needs? The man is hers and I even don’t try to get him back!”

    Smarter mistresses focus their attention on the man instead of his wife. They do everything possible – buy the sexiest underwear, change their hairstyle and image overall. They dance erotic dances, take the poor man to the museums and exhibitions and go abroad for the vacation.

    The main point of the estrangement method is that the more you pull away from your man, the more he wants to come back to you. He sees his wife in the dreams and during the sex he imagines her. Furthermore, he can even call the lover the name of his wife.

  7. The stage of ultimatum. “Me or she!”

  8. Not every lover decides to use this strong and dangerous weapon as the ultimatum. It is entirely useless in two cases – when it is too early and when it is too late. Usually, the mistress delivers the ultimatum too early. In this case, the man will always choose a lover, because there is no clearness in his relationships with the wife. However, it is not the obstacle for him to leave the lover later on.

  9. The stage of waiting. Final

  10. Waiting seems to be safer. That’s why it is used more often than actions. Indeed, why she should be worried? Her loved one lives with her, they have perfect sex at least once a day, he tells her the words of love, brings the salary to her, not to his spouse, who is indifferent to him. And suddenly, he leaves her and moves to his wife! He went to meet children as usual, and stayed here forever!


As you can see, all actions of the lover only increase the power of the estrangement method. In fact, if she doesn’t know how to behave, she will never come up with the correct set of actions which will help her to win the man. The wife will win in any case. If the husband does not come back to her, she will overcome her dependency on him in the process of estrangement. She will be able to start a new life and find new love. The mistress is always the loser – even if the man stayed with her, he would feel unhappy and unconfident, because he has lost the most important fight of his life. More likely, that he will leave his lover and live alone.

The final conversation

So the time for the final and the most important conversation has come. You can’t keep the distance anymore. He will initiate the conversation and moreover, he will conduct it in such a way, so you will have no chance to escape. This discussion will be unexpected; therefore, you should prepare in advance.

When should you start preparation for the final conversation?

Don’t rush into it. The best time to prepare for the discussion would be the stage when the attempts of your man to talk to you and explain something will become more often. You even may start to predict that today or tomorrow he will call again, or will try to initiate the discussion with you when he comes to meet children. It’s a signal for you that it is time to determine the requirements for your husband.

Your requirements

You should think about it very carefully. Divide your requirements to the specific points, but don’t form too many, because they will mix and it will be hard for both of you to implement them into practice.
What you can require and what you can’t? Don’t let emotions control you! Don’t tell him that you “want him to love you as he used to when you just married.” It is very easy for men to give this promise, but in reality, you can’t actually prove that they do it. Your requirements must be material. It should be everything you want your husband to do, what he hasn’t done before, for example, ask him to do housekeeping work. Or maybe you want him to behave in a certain way? For example, you would be happy if he comes home after work in time or takes children from the school or kindergarten. Probably, you want to go for a vacation alone once a year and no matter what his desire is and so on. It’s your chance to change your life for the better, so use it!

Keep in mind that your husband has no right to have his own requirements or conditions. If he starts to argue with you, just stop the conversation. Don’t listen to his claims and excuses. He cheated on you and left you for another woman, not vice versa. It is normal that you don’t want to restore the relationships if he wouldn’t change! Tell him “You have to behave as I said. I’ll act the way I want to. Do not like it? Get out!”

The punishment for disobedience

Tell him what you will do if he will not behave in agreement with your requirements. Basically, the consequence is a divorce. If you are not firm enough, he will feel it and in a few months, he will more likely cheat again.

When he accepted all your requirements, it is time to discuss his relations with the lover. The point here is that he must leave her right now. If he has any clothes at her place, tell him to leave it there. He can take them later. It’s the most important condition: “You come back now, or don’t come back at all.” Don’t let him explain anything to his lover and don’t give him any time to settle things with her. These actions will not lead to anything good.

What to do if your husband is indecisive?

If your husband shows indecision when you tell him about your requirements, it means that he is insincere in his intentions to start all over again. Most likely he wants everything to be as before – he lives with wife and has sex with another woman. By the way, it is the most common reason why the man wants to come back home. His lover is not able to take care of the man as the wife can. In this case, you should stop the dialogue and expel him. Don’t step back from your position and don’t show your weakness to the cheater.

It may happen that during using of estrangement method, you will suddenly realize that you don’t actually want him to come back anymore. It’s perfect! It means that you are opened for the new relationships full of love, care, honesty and faithfulness to each other. Sometimes this insight comes during the final conversation when you are very close to getting him back. It takes you to the new level of personal development accompanied by a unique, very pleasant state of mind.

Remember that it doesn’t matter that your initial goal was to get him back. You do not have to do it after he cheated! Especially, most likely that you will not be happy together. Therefore, if you are sure that you want to break up, do it without hesitation!


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