How to Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back After He Dumped Me

How to Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back After He Dumped Me photo
How to Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back After He Dumped Me

Very often our life takes surprising turns, good and bad. At this moments, we understand how unpredictable our life is! And one of this “surprises” happens when you loved one dumps you. The main question you have: “Why?”. And, really, why? You loved and adored him, behaved in the way he wanted, but he has gone. If you just broke up, it’s one thing, but if he has left you for another woman, it is different.

You probably have already started to make a plan to get him back. However, before you put your plan into effect, think carefully and answer honestly a question: “Why you want to restore your relationship?” Basically, there are few common reasons:

  1. Ego. This quality is very significant for women. Ego forces us to do what we don’t want to do, or vice versa – not to do what we really want. The breakup is a tremendous blow to your ego. In this case, you want to get your boyfriend back to justice. In other words, you want to get him back and then leave him by yourself. I should warn you that this position will never lead to the desired result. There are two ways: he will see through your plans and will not come back, or you will be unable to leave him, but he will easily do it for the second time
  2. Attachment. Very often sympathy develops into attachment. You used to call him, see him and wake up hugging him. You just get used to living with him, but you can’t clearly understand whether you love him or not. If this is your situation, you should get rid of the “bad habit,” because your attachment can develop into addiction. As you know, it is tough to overcome addiction.

If you truly love your boyfriend and can’t imagine your life without him, you should awake your pride and listen what it will tell you. The answer of your pride would be clear: men must pursue and conquer the women, not vice versa. That’s why if he dumped you, just smile and try to cheer up, but don’t cry.

So if you have answered a question: “Why?” and you have only one answer – you want to restore your relationship because of love, it’s time to take actions! First of all, we have to figure out what you should never do:

  1. Don’t run after him and don’t try to ambush him after the work. You will push him away even more if you do like this. Your ex will think that you are annoying and boring, so he will start to avoid you.
  2. Don’t humiliate yourself! Every man is a hunter – he needs to conquer a woman. In this case, he wouldn’t lose his interest.
  3. Don’t try to keep your boyfriend with sex. Probably he will agree to come back, but he will treat you as his lover with whom he can spend one night.
  4. Don’t play on his sympathy. It will only worsen your relationship. He will feel pity but not love.
  5. Don’t threaten him. It’s the last thing which desperate woman can do. Don’t call him saying that you are going to hurt yourself or commit suicide.
  6. Don’t date with a new boy to spite your ex, because it will only irritate him. After doing this, you have no chances to get him back.

What to do to get your boyfriend back?

You should understand that two people are needed for the relationship. If one of them doesn’t want it, then it is impossible to keep this relationship. Every man will tell you that he won’t come back if he doesn’t want to. There is a logical conclusion: don’t try to get him back, you should make him want to come back by himself. To do that you should be courageous and patient

You should always smile because you never know when you can meet him. And when it happens, you should look so happy, that he will regret his decision.

Be sincere and cheerful, relax and have fun. In other words, enjoy your life and start to do some new exciting things. You should become a fully developed personality. Your goal is to show your boyfriend that you can easily manage without him. You even can thank him, telling that your life has changed for the better when he left you. Improve yourself, and be sure that he will notice these changes.


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